Several positions available to develop the next generation ultrasonic brain interfaces. Join us!

Focused ultrasound (FUS) brain stimulation is an emerging minimally invasive brain interface that combines high spatial resolution with high depth of penetration. Even though FUS has shown great promise for the treatment of a vast range of neurological diseases, existing FUS stimulators are still bulky, power inefficient and with limited volumetric spatial resolution. This limits its applications to acute procedures, where test subjects are immobilized, and FUS helmet-like devices are controlled by robotic arms in a highly complex setup.

In our recent UPSIDE EU grant, we will investigate new methods towards the massive integration and miniaturization of power efficient ultrasonic brain stimulators. This in turn will be used to investigate the complex neural networks involved in treatment resistance depression, and may allow for a minimally invasive and highly targeted method to mitigate or even eliminate symptoms of this disease. Furthermore, the developed devices will be tested in vivo with rodents, and will also be scalable for translation into large animals and humans.

If you want to be part of our team and work on this exciting project, please apply to one of our available PhD and Postdoc positions, (see the vacancies section).

Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa
Assistant Professor of Bioelectronics